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Replace IFERROR() with IF(ISERROR())

This tip relates to the technique of trapping and handling errors in a formula. Prior to Excel 2007 (e.g. Excel 2003, 2002, 2000), this was accomplished using a combination of the IF and ISERROR functions to test for an error in a formula, e.g. =IF(ISERROR(MyFormula),ReturnSomethingElse,MyFormula). This meant having to write your formula twice (think of your longest formula!).

In Excel 2007, trapping and handling errors in a formula was made easier with the introduction of the IFERROR function, which removed the need to specify your formula twice, e.g. =IFERROR(MyFormula,ReturnSomethingElse).


My Excel bookshelf

Excel 2002 VBA: Programmers Reference
This was the first book I bought on Excel VBA and it has served me well. It covers a broad subject base for both beginner and expert Excel programmer, and for a reference book, has a detailed index for subject lookup.