I created ProfessionalExcel.com in 2009 with the intention of publishing a few tools that I develop along the way, and also to give tips to help the Excel community. In June 2011 I finally got round to migrating the site to WordPress so that I could convert the site into a Blog, which will allow me to add content quickly and much more regularly.

My career to date has involved roles in both transport asset management and financial derivatives sectors. I have been developing Excel applications and tools (ranging from complex analytical spreadsheets, up to standalone Excel applications and add-ins) for a number of years. Along the way I’ve picked up bits a pieces that should be useful to Excel novices up to budding Excel developers.

Many people underestimate the power of Excel and it’s ability to provide rapid, reliable and highly automated applications. In a world that has always focused on the old time adage “Time is money”, automating a process ultimately saves money.

However, Excel application development is not just about automating processes; It’s about gatheringprocessing and displaying data in the most efficient and effective way. I enjoy the challenge of presenting data in a visually pleasing user interface that is intuitive and that meets the objective of the analysis.

For more details on my background, you can read my profile on LinkedIn.

Here’s some of the expertise I’ve picked up over the years…

Subject Application / Language
MS Office Excel (Extensive VBA), Word, Project, PowerPoint
Databases MS Access (Extensive VBA), SQL Server, Oracle
Programming VBA, VB, Python
Web Development XML, XSLT, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, Joomla!, WordPress, Zencart, Google Chart API, Google Maps API
Graphical Software Adobe Photoshop
Statistical Software SPSS
Market Data Tools Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)
Asset management systems / GIS Highways Agency Pavement Management System (HAPMS), Structures Management Information System (SMIS), MapInfo
Traffic Delay Models Queues and Delays at Roadworks (QUADRO), Highways Agency stand-alone Delay Cost Model (DCM)
Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) Livelink, SharePoint

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