In the office, Excel is a way of life… not just a tool


I am based in the UK (Reading, Berkshire) and am contactable via email at

I'm always interested in hearing about Excel users' common problems, unique problems, and the down right unexplainable. If you have a burning question that a book can't answer, or a google search proves fruitless, feel free to drop me an email and if it's a useful subject, I'll add it to my blog.

Chris Read BEng MSc MBCS

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  1. This is in reference to the Project Manage Gantt chart template. When I add this template as an excel webpart to a sharepoint page, the formatting on the scrolling dates bar is no longer available and the dates aren’t readable, otherwise the chart works great. I have unprotected the sheet and removed all validation data. I can open in excel and the dates bar formatting is there so it appears to be tied to the excel webpart. Any ideas? Thank you for your help.

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