Mortgage Analyser

The Mortgage Analyser is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool for analysing the detailed payment breakdown of a mortgage. It helps answer questions like:

  • What will my monthly payments be?
  • What will happen if interest rates change?
  • What’s the ‘real’ cost of re-mortgaging, including early repayment charges if you are still on a fixed rate?
  • What might happen at the end of a fixed interest rate period?
  • What affect does an interest only period have on repayments?
  • How much capital have I accumulated? (assuming no change in property value)
  • What are the benefits of making overpayments? (i.e. paying off the mortgage sooner and saving interest)
Mortgage Analyser screenshot

Mortgage Analyser screenshot

Download “Mortgage Analyser 3.1” Mortgage-Analyser-3.1.xlsx – Downloaded 2961 times – 219 KB

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