Project Manager Gantt Chart

The Project Manager Gantt Chart is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tool for tracking project tasks against their allocated time. The tool provides a simple and quick setup and can track a project of any length.

You can choose either the original weekly view or a version that shows a daily view for short term projects.

Project Manager Gantt Chart screenshot

Project Manager Gantt Chart screenshot

Download “Project Manager Gantt Chart 1.1” Project-Manager-Gantt-Chart-1.1.xlsm – Downloaded 48549 times – 105 KB

Download “Project Manager Gantt Chart 1.1 Daily” Project-Manager-Gantt-Chart-1.1-Daily.xlsm – Downloaded 21970 times – 107 KB

Download “Project Manager Gantt Chart 1.1 3 Year Display” Project-Manager-Gantt-Chart-1.1-3-Year-Display.xlsm – Downloaded 19535 times – 374 KB

64 thoughts on “Project Manager Gantt Chart

  1. Chris
    Is there a way to save the weekly Gantt chart in excel 2016 so it can be put on google drive and shared?

  2. Hi Chris. Thank you very much for this. Have a request/question on the annual chart. It is possible to only show month for each year? It is also possible to only have the start date and the end date i.e. remove the others e.g. Actual end date, work days, …

    Many thanks

  3. Hi Chris

    It is only the year display version that works and thanks for that – none of the two other templates seem to work properly (or at least I get a message saying ‘moved or corrupted file’). Would it be possible for you to check up on that or perhaps forwarding the templates by mail?

    Thanks again, Steve

  4. I almost never comment, but man… THANK YOU!!! So simple, fast, easy to use and useful, bravo! I was extensively searching for something like this and I can say this is the easiest and the best for my needs. Thanks again!

  5. I want to turn the work week into 7 days not 5 the sheet is locked so I can not make any changes, can you please help.

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for the template. Its really helping. If I may ask, is there a way for me to add another column for assigned resource on the task being delivered? thanks!

  7. Hi Chris! Amazing really amazing…. I’m from Italy and you really save me.

    I’ve got one question about “daily Chart”, is there any formula to remove all Saturday and Sunday from the calendar?

  8. Hi Chris, thanks a lot for this. It is super easy to use. One question though: Is there any way to edit the overall dates shown to be shorter than a year? For example, I just want it to show October 10th – November 20th. Is there any way to do that?

  9. Hi, tks for the fantastic gantt chart. only problem for me is, the bar charts for the gantt is only showing up as borders columns. The appropriate color is int showing up. It is showing for the first project but for the rest of the projects no color. Is there anything i can do to solve it?.

  10. How can i edit the conditional formatting to format main tasks and sub tasks beyond a single digit? (once I try to enter 10 main tasks, the formatting doesn’t work).

    • Hi Dana, I’ve updated the conditional formatting in all 3 versions. All you need to do now for sub tasks is use a dot “.” within sub task IDs to differentiate them from parent tasks.

  11. Hi Chris
    Love the gantt chart . One issue I am having: How do you delete a row? I am using this on a mac. Tried everything I can think off and no luck so far


  12. How to add Saturday as a working day, since my work schedule is a 6 day week and the chart is designed for 5 working days?

  13. Hi, Chris.

    Thanks for the template – very helpful.

    What’s the formula or setting for the vertical date line to be automatically updated with the current date in cell B4? I’ve tried recreating your template to suit my project needs but haven’t figured out that setting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      • Thanks, Chris! I did see the tip and used it. However, my concern is with the vertical date line. How did you sync the “=TODAY()” with the red vertical line? I’m unsure about how to insert a vertical red line like you have so that it automatically moves with the =TODAY() formula.

        Sorry if I wasn’t very clear.

  14. Also, is there a wat to add or remove days before or after in the three year view without ruening any macros or dependencies?

  15. Hi
    Is there any way of making the sheet a little snappier?`When I click on the time slider, it takes about two seconds before the slider jumps.

  16. Hi! These charts are going to make my life sooooo much easier! The only question I have is related to the time control standard. Could you please tell me how to change it to hours? I have projects that are longer and take days, but I also have projects that are done in a single day within hours. Is there any way to make one with hours on there?

  17. Hi Chris,

    Thank you very much for this brilliant Gantt Chart. It really saved my headache 🙂
    Just a couple of enquiries (or request please),

    – Is it possible to tweak it to show charts in week/ month view in one click?
    – How to change the colour coding on the chart esp the ‘stripes line on the main task’?
    – Is it possible to add a % completion column? So that each subtask can be added to reflect the overall % completion in main task.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Once again, thanks fo the brilliant gantt chart.

  18. Hi, could you please tell me how I could make the time unit into months instead of weeks?Thanks for this wonderful open chart!

  19. This is a great Gantt Chart that does almost exactly what I needed. A couple of questions. How do I add another set of date ranges for each sub task? I want to track different date ranges with each task. Also, is there a way to change the color coding so that I can differentiate between the two date ranges? Thank You.

    • Each sub task can only have one start date and one end date. A sub task cannot start again once it’s finished. Just use multiple sub tasks. It’s not designed to customise the gantt colours either, but you could always modify this yourself.

  20. The timeline goes past what is visible, I have a big plotter in which I can plot long papers. How can I get rid of the scroll bar and have all the dates or weeks show?

  21. Dear Chris,
    Thanks for creating this magnificent template! I do have a question. Would you know if it is possible to add milestones to the table and the Gantt?

  22. HI Chris

    How do I get the gantt to move in line with the start date that I enter in the relevant start date cell?


  23. thanks so much for creating an unprotected gantt chart! there are lots of templates that don’t quite work for me, so this allowed me some flexibility to do what i needed!

  24. Hi Chris,

    Is there any way to create a table with “this week” tasks?
    I’m trying to create something that shows me which tasks need to be done this week.


    • You could filter the start date for dates in “This Week”, which would give you all the tasks due to start this week.

      To add the tasks that either start or are ongoing (i.e. started in a previous week) you could add an additional column and create a formula to check if dates this week fall within the start and end date.

      Remember, the worbook and sheets are not password protected, so unprotect them to play with the design!

  25. Hi Chris,

    Fantastic tool, thanks for developing and sharing.

    Can I make the dates across the Gantt chart show as days rather than weeks as my projects are typically only 8 weeks long and subtasks can be less than a day so I would like the scale to be able to show these.

    Many Thanks

    • Hi Mike,

      This is actually an easy modification, so I’ve just added a tweaked version above that you can download. It’s the ‘daily’ version, which shows each day instead of week.

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Chris, thanks for these templates. It’s really helpful.

        I’ve done some changes to the daily version. However, now i’m thinking the weekly view might be more appropriate for the project that i’m working on. Can you please let me know how to modify the template to have a weekly. Really appreciate your help. Thanks!


  26. Thanks for this great tool. Really helpful.
    I was wondering if some more attributes of MS projects can be added to this. (Linking the start date of any particular task with another task’s end date just by mentioning the task ID of Later)

    Thanks in advance,
    Ravi Kant Sharma

    • Hi Ravi, glad you find it useful. In terms of more attributes, you are free to add as many as you wish (it’s not password protected).

      Adding a reference column to other tasks could be done by adding data validation to a new column, which references the task ID column.


  27. Chris,

    Great gantt chart. I was wondering if you could help me make some changes to the chart. I work for a construction team and we want to be able to color code the tasks by department (e.g. Construction, Development, Architect, Municipality, Civil, etc.). This way, each Team can quickly know when they are needed. This can be of some use when we have 50+ tasks for one development project.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to set up a formatting table where the cells can reference a color code for each team.

    Do you have any ideas of how to do this? I’ve tried Conditional Formatting, but referencing a formatting table is not possible.



    • Thanks Taylor,
      One approach could be to duplicate (for each of your departments) the conditional formatting that I created, adding an additional test that looks at a new column that holds your department name. Make sense?

      Steps would be:
      1) Add department column with data validation (list) for your departments.
      2) Duplicate conditional formats that colour the gantt chart cells and change the colours for your first department.
      3) Modify the duplicated conditional formatting to also check the value in the new department column.
      4) Repeat 2) & 3) for remaining departments.

  28. Hi Mate,

    Great tool – thanks for creating it.

    Unfortunately I’ve run into an issue. Once I reach row 50 and try to add another task: be it a subtask or a main task I run into the error message:

    The Cell or Chart You are Trying To Change is Protected and therefore read only. To modiify a protected cell or chart, first remove protection using the unprotect sheet command. I do this, but lose the awesome formatting functionality you’ve embeded into the spreadsheet.

    Hoping you could help shed some light?


    • Hi Asiri, try the following:

      – Right click where you want to add a row (within the formatted table) and click ‘Insert > Entire Row’.
      – To add multiple rows you can select cells from a number of cells, then click ‘Insert > Entire Row’.

  29. Is there a way to add more rows to this? It automatically extended up to a certain point then quite extending out the table and graph.


    • Hi Steph, the Gantt worksheet isn’t password protected, so to add more rows just do the following:

      – Unprotect the worksheet by clicking ‘Review tab > Unprotect Sheet’.
      – Right click where you want to add a row and click ‘Insert > Entire Row’.
      – To add multiple rows you can select cells from a number of cells, then click ‘Insert > Entire Row’.

  30. This is genius! Exactly what I needed. Other solutions to a Gantt chart that I’ve found use a stacked chart, but what I wanted was something that involved drawing in shapes or coloring in cells depending on the start / end dates (basically MS Project for Excel).

    Thank you.

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